The registration process will take place on the World Cube Association website.
The maximum number of competitors is 1100 (raised from 1000).

Before registering, please read the qualification requirements for all the events.

The registration fees will be 10€ and will be paid directly on the WCA Website. If you want to further contribute to the event, and can afford it, we kindly ask you to consider a donation (there is no small donations).

You will be able to register for any events, even if you don’t meet the qualification limits yet.
However, on June 19th when closing the registrations, we will remove all registrations to events that don’t meet the qualification limits.

Online registration is mandatory and will happen here. There will be no walk-in registrations.
Please note that registrations are manually accepted, and that you will need to pay the registration fee to make the registration complete.
Registrations will open on Monday, March 13th, and will close on Monday, June 19th 2017.

Guests and visitors

Competitors’ can bring up to 5 guests, who will have access to both the competition’s hall and the fun village during the 4 days.
Guests must be declared to the organization team (through a dedicated website that will be communicated to all competitors very soon), pricing depends on the number of guests and will be paid onsite.
Pricing for guests is as follow :

  • 1 guest = 10€
  • 2 guests = 20€
  • 3 guests = 25€
  • 4 guests = 30€
  • 5 guests = 35€

Visitor fee will be applied for more than 5 guests.

If you are a visitor for the World Championship 2017, one day tickets will be available onsite for 5€, they will grant you access to the fun village. Access to the main competition hall will be granted depending on the actual number of people in the hall (due to venue restriction).