1. Questions about the event and the venue
    1. How can I reach the competition venue?

      The venue of the World Championship is just a 5-minute walk from the closest Metro 12 line station “Front Populaire” and around 15 minutes from the Tramway T3b line station “Porte d’Aubervilliers”.

    2. When should I come? Do I need to be here the all time?

      You can come, leave and come back again anytime you want. We just ask you to plan enough time to register at your arrival and to be present at your events if you attend the official WCA competition. You will be able to register on Wednesday the 12th of July between 4pm and 7pm so to take your welcome pack.

    3. Where to sleep?

      We have arranged preferential prices in several hotels and chains, have a look at the accommodation official page of the website.

    4. Where can I find useful information? Where is the welcome desk and whom to contact?

      Your welcome point is at the entrance of Pullman venue, you will just have to contact a staff member there; they will be easily recognizable thanks to their STAFF T-shirt.

    5. Will I have enough time to go and see the famous French Fireworks?

      Yes, schedule on Friday will end around 6:15pm, you will have plenty of time to reach the center of Paris near Eiffel tower where the fireworks will take place. Note that this fireworks event will start only around 11pm towards midnight, and that is usually extremely crowded.

    6. Is restaurant service available onsite? What kind of food? How about the price?

      There will be several restaurant services possible within the competition venue and fun village assured by food trucks. Take away food bags will be proposed as well, prices will be listed later.

    7. Can I come with family, friends? Do they have to pay? Do I have to declare them?

      We will contact all registered competitors to explain the rules. But before that, be aware that competitor guests will have to pay a fee and will have to be explicitly declared and registered with the organisation team; otherwise they will have to pay the external visitor fees at the gate.
      – Competitor guest fees: forfait for all 4 days (to be paid onsite) : 1 person=10€, 2 persons=20€, 3 persons=25€, 4 persons=30€, 5 persons=35€. Visitor fee will be applied for more than 5 guests.
      – Visitor fee : 5€ per day and per person

    8. Will the competition venue be secured?

      A professional security team will ensure the security of the competition venue.

    9. What other activities is being proposed onsite?

      A second venue called “Eiffel” will be reserved for the “fun village”. There will be several entertainment booths like workshops, mosaic buildings, clothes printings (Northwestdesign), printings on rubik’s cubes (Designyourcube), robot cube solvers, inter rubik French challenge, various games…

  2. Questions about speedcubing competition
    1. Do I have to be listed in an official competition so to be able to register?

      Yes, speedcubing community has grown a lot and we had to make choices. One of these was to request competitors to have attended at least at one official WCA competition. As an example, we think we do not have to explain WCA Regulations during a World Championship.

    2. I registered but I cannot see my name in the registered competitor list.

      The limit of 1000 competitors has been reached within only 7 days. We have increased it to 1100 with a potential second increase depending on several other criteria. If you register only now, you will be placed on the “waiting list”. A registration is only considered as completed when it is paid and the order in the waiting list is based on the payment date. Of course, if eventually you don’t manage to be effectively registered, registration fee will be refunded.

    3. May I register to all events?

      Yes , you can register to all events you wish to attend. However, note that it doesn’t mean that you will be able to attend all of them. Actually, if you don’t qualify with the minimum qualification limit of an event before the 19th of June, you will not be able to compete in an event you have registered in.

    4. Can I register in an event for which I don’t meet the qualification limit?

      Yes. You have until June 19th to meet the qualification requirements at an official competition. After this date, and if you didn’t manage to meet the qualification score, you will be removed from the respective list of event.

    5. I qualify at home but never did it in official competition, am I authorized to attend this event?

      No. Only official WCA results are taken into account since we have no official evidence to vouch your claim.

    6. Why are there qualification limits?

      Lots of people want to come to World Championship. Recent Europe, Asia or USA championships demonstrated that it is really difficult to accept everyone. Moreover, requesting a minimum level of speedcubing does not seem illogical to us. However, note that the only requirement to be able to attend 3×3, 2×2 and Pyraminx events is only to have a result in those events in a previous official WCA competition and before 19th of June.

    7. May the time limits be changed?

      Yes, but you can feel at ease, it will only be at your advantage ! We will change them for more considerate limits if we see that too few registered competitors are allowed to attend the event. Schedule has been calculated with a certain amount of person for each event, we will adjust the limit accordingly. But once again, they will not be tougher.

    8. How have the qualification time limits been calculated?

      Qualification time limits allow around 33% of the world rank list to attend the event (end of January 2017 official WCA ranking).

    9. May I change the event I am registered in?

      Sure, like any other competition, you just have to send an email to organisation team (see 3.2) detailing your name, WCA id and the event you wish to change, no extra fees are required.

    10. Is it possible to help the organisation by judging, scrambling, …?

      Staff recruitment is managed only by WCA recommendation (judge, scramblers, runners). If you want to help, you may contact your WCA Delegate. He will explain to you the process if he deems you are a trustworthy person and fit for the role.

    11. Will I receive a personal schedule?

      Yes, your own group and time schedule will be provided once you register upon your arrival at the main venue, and beforehand by email as well. Note that no modification requests are possible.

    12. When will be the finals take place?

      Main events finals will be run on Sunday. You can read the schedule page of official website for more details.

    13. Will it be possible to follow the competition from home?

      A commented online streaming of the event will be created. So you will be able to view the best cubers live !
      Moreover, Cubecomps website will give you the opportunity to follow the results live, like many other speedsolving competitions.

    14. Who are entitled to receive the gift packs?

      Gift packs are reserved only for participants of the competition, meaning those who have registered and will come to compete in their respective events. Any person who has registered in the WCA website for the championship but deliberately will not attend the competition just for sole purpose of collecting a gift pack will not be entitled to receive anything.

    15. What If I realize that I cannot come to the competition?

      If you have registered but finally realized that you cannot come, please do inform us immediately by email orga.wc2017@gmail.com. We will then proceed by removing you from the official list of participants and refund your 10€ registration fee. This will be a welcome gesture since you will be able to help us accommodate someone else to take your place from the very long line of persons in the waiting list.

  3. Questions about contact
    1. I have contacted the organisation team but not received any answer, why?

      Read carefully all pages on the official website so to be sure your question has not been already answered.
      The organisation team receives lots of emails and must be able to identify them easily and process them efficiently. It may be possible that your email has been sent to the wrong contact or it may not include enough details so as to be handled by the team quickly. You must give a maximum of keywords for the email to be addressed more easily. The object of your email must be short and with proper keywords like: press, registration, accommodation, guests, security, schedule, fees,
      At least give your name/surname/WCA ID.

    2. What are the available contacts?

      Official WCA competition: orga.wc2017@gmail.com.
      Nations Cup: rubiksnationscup@rubiksworldparis2017.com.
      Event part excluding WCA: julien@designyourcube.com.
      Social networks: yourworlds@rubiksworldparis2017.com.